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New CE version 1.8.6 changelog notes

Article ID: 000026
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (27 votes)
Views: 10592

New version, with new productive features and new fixes (cummulative update for CE users)

Previous CE version: 1.8


Enabled Pose animation support (via morpher modifier)

Enabled Vertex Animation support (any vertex modifier supported, or via manual vertices animation during the time range)

Pose and skeletal animations can be in the same time frame

New Features:

Added Scene XRef support

Improved Object XRef support

Improved support for objects with multiple modifiers in the stack

Added defined folder location support for External Skeletal Animations (.anim files)

Added vertex animation support (any vertices animation supported, either using modifiers or manually animating vertices over time)

Added helper preview viewport state support

Added shape/spline preview viewport display support (with control knots)

Added configurable debug size for displaying helpers and shape/splines (and control knots)

Improved Object Instances support

Added 'Use Shortest Path' support when creating animations

Improved 'InPlace' mode animation generation for the new skeletal animation system

Added scale support for 'InPlace' mode animation generation

Added rotation value test to avoid orientation flips in rigid or node animations

Added Object Based LOD display support in the preview viewport

Improved Tangent Vectors generation log (reports where the buffer the tangent vectors were created)

Increased the number of morph target channels supported (any number supported)

Imrpoved Skeletal matrix generation

Skeletal Bones are sorted by name (default)

Improved manual skeletal bone id configuration

Skeletal hierarchies can have manually defined bone ids and automatic ids (handles) in the same skeleton

Skeletal animations using the skin modifier automatically uses all of the necesary bones (no need manually to add them to the modifier, phy
modifier uses this behavior)

If bone ids are duplicated within a skeletal hierarchy, it is reported to the user in the log

Added global or local skeletal animation support in the preview viewport

Imrpoved 'clear scene' method (more robust)

Increased value numbers resolution (to 8 decimal digits) for exported objects in scene file

Added Material XRef support

Added multiple pass support for alpha animations

Added 'FogOverride' checkbox to control the fog override state

Improved alpha animation keyframe generation

Added ORT alpha animation support (cycle and loop alpha animation)

Improved Architectural material support

Added custom scripted material support (from .material files)

Added enabling pixel formats in RenderToTexture according to the base hardware

Added instant display of opacity value (from pass material) in preview viewport

Added regional settings support for float values in the shader parameters editor


Fixed object matrix generation

Fixed vertex generation with object offset

Fixed AABB object generation

Fixed duplicate objects in some Groups

Fixed preview display being not refreshed on some specific machines when transforming objects

Fixed some scene settings not preserving its controls state in the export dialog

Fixed User Properties control disabled in some specific cases

Fixed Invert Normals issue

Fixed Material files being created when exporting with custom scene format plugins and they have not enabled them

Fixed animation optimizer enable and disable state

Fixed 'InPlace' skeletal animation not being generated in some specific cases

Fixed skeletal animation orientation flips

Fixed skeletal animation scale generation

Fixed skeletal animation scale generation on CAT2 hierarchies

Fixed object position and offset in skeletal animated objects

Fixed incorrect generation of rotations on skeletal animated objects

Fixed skeletal keyframes being removed when the animation stays for several frames (the animation range is being correctly preserved and
created in this cases)

Fixed WorldGeometry file not being enabled when loading a scene

Fixed Sky material selection when the preview viewport is not active

Fixed camera FOV value generation

Fixed HLSL shader parameters in the parameters editor

Fixed Material using shaders not being correctly added to a material library

Fixed Materials using shaders not generating corretly the default parameters

Fixed Materials using shaders applied to several objects in the scene

Fixed 'MaxSimultaneousLights' value in pass material not being correctly exported

Fixed TextureUnit scale issues

Fixed TextureUnit angle value when evaluating a current material

Fixed issue when the opacity value (in pass material) was changed with the Auto Key Mode on

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