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Hotfix #205oECMS release notes

Article ID: 000036
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Date: 12/18/2007

Release Notes:

  • Improved custom scene file format support framework
  • Improved support for saving the selected file format library with the scene
  • Fixed specific issues with Scene Manager type exported in file
  • Fixed Scene Manager type display and selection in the Scene properties panel
  • Fixed control knot display of Spline shapes in preview viewport on specific machines
  • Improved Multi/Sub-Object support for non sequential submaterial ids
  • Added Unique Identifiers support to scene file format libraries

Contains the hotfixes:

#201oECMS (11/2/2007)
  • Added complete max9 compatibility for the "Object Properties" dialog, based on dotNetControls

#200oECM (11/27/2007)
  • Added support for custom normals, the Edit Normals modifier and any explicit defined vertex normals

#199oECM (11/13/2007)
  • Fixed object based lods (manual lod) exporting incorrect level of detail mesh filenames inside the full resolution .mesh file

#198oECM (8/18/2007)
  • Fixed generation of tangent buffers on specific meshes with different polygon color values
  • Note: When painting objects using vertex colors, user is advised to paint it at the vertex level, not at the polygon level

#197oECM (8/06/2007)
  • Added support for instanced objects in Static Geometry groups
  • Fixed selecting sky material in the scene with the preview viewport not active

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