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Hotfix #310oECMS release notes

Article ID: 000043
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Date: 02/06/2008

Release Notes:

  • All of the hotfixes from the 1.8.x version are contained in this update, from 100 to 207

  • All current hotfixes are included (up to 308)

  • Fixed animation keyframe issues when using the Direct3D render system
  • Using the Direct3D render system will not affect the keyframes in any animation, and can be used in any machine as the default system

  • Shader Model 3 support is enabled (shaderFX and DirectX materials)

  • Fixed Texture path handling in shader materials (texture file paths are correctly handled)

  • Improved internal constant shader parameters process

  • Added Viewport support for "zoom Extents", "zoom Extents Selected", "zoom Extents All" and "zoom Extents All Selected", with hotkeys or command panel ui button

  • Improved "rotate around selected objects" in the viewport, multiple selected objects are correctly handled

  • Improved Orthographic viewport handling, when any orhtographic viewport is first selected, all the scene contents (or the currently selected objects) are centered to its extents in the viewport

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