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Hotfix #215oECMS release notes

Article ID: 000058
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Date: 04/16/2008

Release Notes:

  • Fixed shape and spline data not created on specific machines
  • Added Local Space data support for shapes and splines
  • Updated oSceneLoader to support shapes and aplines in Local Space
  • An updated "OnShapeLoaded" event method is provided with the oSceneLoader where the client application will receive the shape transform information with the shape knot data

// Called when a shape has been loaded

// Params:

//          spline - The knot spline data

//          position - The shape object world position

//         rotation - The shape object world rotation

//         scale - The shape object world scale

virtual void OnShapeLoaded(const Ogre::SimpleSpline& spline,

const Ogre::Vector3& position,

const Ogre::Quaternion& rotation,

const Ogre::Vector3& scale);

Contains the hotfixes:


#213oECMS (03/27/2008)

  • Fixed target animations (from cameras or lights) not created on specific machines

#212oECMS (03/20/2008)

  • Improved support for Binary Scene File Format in Max 7/8
  • oScene Binary library updated for the new internal structures used by keyframes data

#210oECMS (03/03/2008)

  • Fixed camera FOV generation producing different values on specific machines at export time

#208oECMS (02/27/2008)

  • Added Up to 32 Texture Unit slot support in the Pass material
  • In fixed function (non shader materials) the number of usable textures is defined by the hardware
  • In shader based materials, the number of usable texture units is determined by the shader model used

#207oECMS (12/29/2007)

  • Added "Per-Object" animation lists
  • Added animation type support

Animations can be defined per object, with the Object Animation List Editor
A new button was added to the object Properties dialog (via "oFusion menu -> Object" entry, or using the "Object" button in the oFusion Toolbar), that opens the object animation list editor to define the list of animations in the selected objects

When an object has a defined animation list, this will be used to create the animations in the scene, mesh and skeleton files

Objects that doesn't define an animation list will use the global animation list (from the Export Dilaog) when exporting the files (if the object is animated in any way)

The per-object animation editor supports multiple selected objects
When working with multiple selected objects, only the "common" animations in all of the selected objects will be displayed in the list
All common animations that have the same parameters across each of the selected objects will be dispalyed normaly, if an animation entry is common across the selected objects but its parameters are different between the objects will be displayed with a red color

Each animation can define a "type", this is used to specify its kind when the animation is created

  • If "Node" is defined as the animation type, only rigid, node or object animation will be created for the animation entry
  • If "Pose or Morph" is selected as the animation type, only Pose and Morph (vertex aniamtions) will be created for the animation entry
  • If "Skeletal" is selected as the animation type, only skeletal animations will be created for the animation entry
  • If "Material" is selected as as the animation type, only material animators (animated alpha, diffuse, colors or any animated material parameter supported) will be created for the animation entry
  • If "All" is selected as the animation type, all kinds of animation will be created for the animation entry

#206oECMS (12/29/2007)

  • Improved morpher modifier support for using morph targets with different offset
  • Improved morpher modifier compiling speed
  • Improved resource compiling speed when moprher modifiers are contained in the scene
  • Added support for morpher modifier channel values using "wire parameters"

#205oECMS (12/18/2007)

  • Improved custom scene file format support framework
  • Improved support for saving the selected file format library with the scene
  • Fixed specific issues with Scene Manager type exported in file
  • Fixed Scene Manager type display and selection in the Scene properties panel
  • Fixed control knot display of Spline shapes in preview viewport on specific machines
  • Improved Multi/Sub-Object support for non sequential submaterial ids
  • Added Unique Identifiers support to scene file format libraries

#201oECMS (11/2/2007)

  • Added complete max9 compatibility for the "Object Properties" dialog, based on dotNetControls

#200oECM (11/27/2007)

  • Added support for custom normals, the Edit Normals modifier and any explicit defined vertex normals

#199oECM (11/13/2007)

  • Fixed object based lods (manual lod) exporting incorrect level of detail mesh filenames inside the full resolution .mesh file

#198oECM (8/18/2007)

  • Fixed generation of tangent buffers on specific meshes with different polygon color values
  • Note: When painting objects using vertex colors, user is advised to paint it at the vertex level, not at the polygon level

#197oECM (8/06/2007)

  • Added support for instanced objects in Static Geometry groups
  • Fixed selecting sky material in the scene with the preview viewport not active

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