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Hotfix #324oECMS release notes

Article ID: 000062
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Date: 05/30/2008

Release Notes:

  • Fixed "Copy textures" option not being saved with the scene
  • Fixed 'textures' sub-dir location not used if the edit text is blank (copy to the scene folder)
  • Added "All lights in a single pass mode (SM3)" support to the shaderFX support 
  • Added alpha blend and alpha test modes (transparency) to the shaderFX support with any number of supported lights
  • Fixed hardware mipmap generation issues in NVidia hardware (with driver 175.16) 
  • Fixed issues with non-uniform scale animations
  • Added support to correctly identify and handle bones (normal bones, Phy or CAT bone systems), these bones wont be displayed in the preview viewport or exported as a mesh
  • Fixed long loading times of scenes with a high number of objects with the VertexPaint modifier

To use vertex animations (as manually moving the vertices over the time range, or with an animated vertex modifier), the 'VertexPaint' modifier must not be in the object's stack (collapse the stack if you need to animate the vertices of the object)
This doesn't applies to Morpher based vertex animations (animation using the 'Morpher' modifier), you can create vertex animations using the Morpher modifier and have the VertexPaint in the stack at the same time

  • Fixed issues with object properties names or values being incorrect in the User Properties edit text control
  • A new tool to verify and fix your current scenes is implemented, you can access it via the oFusion menu, the new tool is called "Verify Scne"

When you click in the "Verify Scene" menu entry, the "Scene Verify and Fix Tool" panel is displayed, here you can select what options you want to test and fix on your scene

Currently "Verify object properties" is the only enabled option (the other options will be enabled in the next update)

To fix the incorrect object properties in your current scenes (as the 'InitialSpinZ= 0.0_SG_' property), load the scene and in the "Scene Verify" tool enable the "Verify object properties" option then click on any of the object buttons where the test and fixes will be applied to (all scene objects or selected objects only)

After the process is complete, all of the object properties will be updated and fixed were needed

If the "Report only" option is enabled, the objects will be verified but no changes will be made to them

  • A fix for the Static Geometry properties conflict is included, there wont be any conflict with other object properties when using it on any objects (any object that currently has an incorrect '_SG_' or other properties must be updated and fixed first with the "Verify Scene" tool)
  • Improved support for Binary scene file format
  • Improved display and export support for splines and shapes on all machines
  • Improved support for shaderFX and DirectX Shader materials usage in Multi/Sub-Object materials 
  • Added support for creating self-contained scenes in a single zip file

Scenes produced in this mode will contain all data and resources needed for the complete scene to be loaded and displayed correcly in user applications in a single zip file
To use this mode, select the "Create self-contained packed file (zip)" option in the Export dialog (in the 'Sub Paths' group, below "Auto Register Locations on Load" option)
When this mode is enabled, the scene will be created in a single file with the filename provided and the ".zip" extension
All of the internal resources will be exported with all the information needed to load the scene directly, there is no need to add the zip file or any directory to the
application resources path system (the Ogre resources.cfg or manualy in the resouce system), the oSceneLoader will handle all of the internal resouces

The produced self-contained zip scene file doesn't need to be in a location from the resource paths of the user application, the file can in any location (on a different path, a different disk, not only in the resource path locations)
To load the single zip scene files, you need the updated oSceneLoader library (available in your account page), use it as normaly but pass the zip path filename in the initialise
// Initialises with the zip scene to be loaded
// create and setup the scene in the root node
You can use relative or absolute filenames ("c:\\applicationName\\scenes\\sampleScene.zip")
Currently support for loading a single osm scene from the zip file is provided (the osm scene file must have the same name as the zip file), in the next update support for
multiple scenes within a single zip file will be provided


  • Support for multiple recursive locations (subPaths) is provided, any number of subDirs can be defined in the resource "Sub Paths" text edit (as materials/shaders, materials/images/textures), this is supported when producing osm scenes or single self-contained zip files
  • Fixed spaces in the sub-dir locations not being handled and producing folders with no label


Contains the hotfixes:


#313oECMS (03/08/2008)

  • Enabled "Animation Group name" in the Object properties

For details on Animation Group names, see the Using Animation Group names article


#313oECMS (03/04/2008)

  • Fixed camera FOV generation producing different values on specific machines at export time
  • Added support for shaderFX, DirectX and FX materials usage in Multi/Sub-Object materials

#312oECMS (02/28/2008)

  • Added support for up to 32 Texture Unit slots in the Pass material
  • In fixed function (non shader materials) the number of usable textures is defined by the hardware
  • In shader based materials, the number of usable texture units is determined by the shader model used

#310oECMS (02/06/2008)

  • All of the hotfixes from the 1.8.x version are contained in this update, from 100 to 207

  • All current hotfixes are included (up to 308)

  • Fixed animation keyframe issues when using the Direct3D render system
  • Using the Direct3D render system will not affect the keyframes in any animation, and can be used in any machine as the default system

  • Shader Model 3 support is enabled (shaderFX and DirectX materials)

  • Fixed Texture path handling in shader materials (texture file paths are correctly handled)

  • Improved internal constant shader parameters process

  • Added Viewport support for "zoom Extents", "zoom Extents Selected", "zoom Extents All" and "zoom Extents All Selected", with hotkeys or command panel ui button

  • Improved "rotate around selected objects" in the viewport, multiple selected objects are correctly handled

  • Improved Orthographic viewport handling, when any orhtographic viewport is first selected, all the scene contents (or the currently selected objects) are centered to its extents in the viewport

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